Consumer Insights for Enterprises

Consumer Edge gives enterprise-level companies detailed insights into their named competitors and helps them understand the buying behavior of their target persona. Leverage a holistic view of consumer data and consumer insights to make faster, more calculated decisions that drive revenue and increase ROI.

Understand Consumer Behavior

7,000+ Brands in Data Coverage
3K+ Terabytes Data Analyzed Per Month
10+ Years Delivering Consumer Insights

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What Can CE Vision Do For You?


Competitive Intelligence

Analyze online and offline sales trends, market share, and performance drivers by named merchant.


Customer Intelligence

We help enterprise-level companies leverage credit and debit card transaction data at scale to gather hidden insights about their target persona.


Promotional Intelligence

Measure effectiveness of promotions and marketing campaigns, determine how your strategic actions and those of your competitors impact customer spend.


Location Intelligence

Monitor regional and local sales trends based on true customer & merchant geography. Locate geographic gaps and analyze store location & sales channel dynamics (online/offline).

The Competitive Advantage


Self-Service Visualization Platform

CE Vision's user friendly visualization dashboards provide quick and insightful answers to your most complex consumer spending questions.


Analyze Customer Behavior

We deliver next-generation data tools focused on the intersection between data, research, and technology. With over 7,000 brands in our data coverage you can analyze customer behavior beyond your physical and digital walls.


Real-Time Buyer Intelligence

With our industry-leading speed and coverage, we give you real-time competitive intelligence. Leverage sales data within 4 days of purchase compared to the traditional 14 day lag. As consumer behavior changes, you want to be the first to know.


Privacy is Our Priority

We take privacy seriously. Our differential privacy framework applies numerous data privacy techniques to anonymize, de-identify, and transform our data such that no CE data can be used to re-identify an individual.

Who We Are

Consumer Edge (CE) is a preeminent data insights company targeting the global consumer. Since its founding in 2009 CE has focused on the nexus of data, research, and technology to fuel the discovery of consumer insights. We continue this focus today, delivering next-generation consumer insights designed to answer complex questions on consumer behavior powered by unique data.

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